MyArtistMerch is a simple, cost-effective solution to build your artist brand, grow your audience, generate revenue and sell merchandise to your fans globally without spending a penny.

Get started by having a think: what do you want to offer your fans? Think back to what they've been asking to buy at shows or on your socials. It's usually t-shirts and hoodies, but we supply everything from sweatshirts to tote bags, so think big!

View our Product Range below. The prices shown on those products are MyArtistMerch's base prices. This is the lowest price you can charge your fans. We've included suggested retail prices. The profit added on top of our base price is yours to keep, and will be accounted to you every thirty days.

Once you've selected your products, and prices, fill in the form on our Start Selling Merch page. Once we've received all your info, we'll be in touch with your MyArtistMerch artist page link which you can share with your fans. If we need some more information from you, we'll let you know.

That's it! Sit back and watch the sales start coming in. We'll handle everything from orders to delivery. We account profits to MyArtistMerch artists every thirty days. Our reps keep in close contact with artists to report sales, offer tips for selling, as well as getting your money to you. So, keep a close eye on your inbox.